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Rooms Through The Years At The King Edward Hotel

December 18, 2012

King Edward Hotel outside

When The King Edward Hotel was opened in 1903 as Toronto’s first luxury hotel, it boasted having electricity, telephones and the latest luxuries for the care and comfort of all guests in every guest room.  The richness of colors and the decorative touches with soft furnishings brought elegance to each guest’s stay – making it a comfortable and memorable experience.  The King Edward Hotel was well ahead of many of the hotels of the early 1900s – and continues to be today – in providing a full-range of the comforts, room-styles and services we take for granted when staying in a hotel today.  Guest rooms had private baths and showers, wall-to-wall carpets, a variety of restful beds and types, along with plenty of light and space to relax in a palatial home away from home.

1900s Guest Room:

1900s room

(A typical luxury hotel guest room of the 1900s)

Brass beds, lace curtains and floral patterns on walls and carpets were more popular and considered more regal at the turn of the 20th-century.

1910s Guest Room:

1900s room

(A typical luxury hotel guest room of the 1910s)

Other rooms had more simple walls and floor coverings – but focused on amenities. After almost a decade since it opened, The King Edward Hotel became renowned for its lavish decor outside and inside guest rooms – along with extraordinary service and amenities provided.  The luxury hotel was designed to thoroughly pamper and impress guests during their stay.

1920s Guest Room:

1920s room

(A typical luxury hotel guest room of the 1920s)

By the 1920s, guest rooms became more “practical” and comfortable with less clutter providing more space for guests – but still a sense of luxury and comfort away from home.

1930s Guest Room:

1930s room

(A typical luxury “standard” hotel guest room of the 1930s)

By the 1930s, hotels began experimenting with new styles and room layouts to accommodate a variety of guests – mostly for an increase in more single travelers  and single beds.  Wood bed-frames and wood furnishings became more stylish.  King-size beds were still uncommon in most hotels.

1940s Guest Room:

1940s room

(A typical luxury hotel guest room of the 1940s)

In the 1940s, air-conditioned rooms were still a luxury waiting for hotel guests of the future – but the idea of an in-room honor/mini-bar became popular.  Notice the electric fan to keep guests cooler – and bottles of “booze” on the side-bar to perhaps “heat” guests up.

1950s Guest Room:

1950s room

(A typical “double” hotel guest room of the 1950s)

By the 1950s, “motor hotels” designed for the increase in business and leisure guest travelers on motor-vehicle “road-trips” sprung up across Canada and the United States.  The booming age of the automobile, television and air-conditioning had arrived – and The King Edward Hotel recognized the need to compete – soon putting television sets and air-conditioning in every room.  Also notice the ashtray on the table.  Smoking was accommodated for everyone everywhere – unlike the completely smoke-free policy of The King Edward hotel today for the health, safety and comfort of all guests.

1960s Guest Room:

1960s room

(A King Edward Hotel guest room of the 1960s)

In the 1960s, experimental trends and colors like avocado-green and biege-brown became popular and were reflected in the guest room decorations.  Guest rooms may have become more “color-full” but TV was still in black & white.

1970s Guest Room:

1970s room

(A typical king-size luxury hotel guest room of the 1970s)

Lines & luxury became a decorating style in the 1970s for hotel guest rooms – with many of the dark-browns and olive-greens continuing from the previous decade now displayed in new patterned ways.  Unfortunately, by the 1970s, The King Edward Hotel was beginning to fall into disrepair after going into receivership several times while competing against the changing world of big corporate hotel chains.  During that dark-decade the hotel even faced demolition, but was saved after being declared a heritage-building.  And – just like the dark styles of the 70s that faded away – so too did dark & drab hotel guest room designs.

1980s Guest Room:

1980s room

(A King Edward Hotel guest room of the 1980s)

By the 1980s, The King Edward Hotel was temporarily closed down and completely renovated with guest rooms newly reflecting a return to the combination of classic comfort and style that set the hotel ahead of other hotels. The rooms were again filled with colorful overstuffed furniture, a relaxing sofa seating area, and luxuriously comfortable king-size beds – while also providing the latest up-to-date technology for an increase in international business travelers.  Notice the in-room fax-machine on the desk.

1990s Guest Room:

1990s room A

(A King Edward Hotel guest room 1990s)

Returning to the classic and eloquent old-world charm that set The King Edward Hotel apart from other luxury hotels when it first opened, the 1990s guest room provided a space of color and floral patterns – with continued comfort and convenience.

2000s Guest Room:

1980s room

(A King Edward Hotel guest room 2000s)

As the new millennium arrived, The King Edward Hotel addressed the needs of a variety of travelers from around the world who wanted royal quality and comfort with simpler sleek designs and value.  A variety of different-styled rooms and sizes accommodated a variety of different-styled tastes and expectations, creating a feeling of tasteful home-away-from-home rooms – but with continued exceptional regal guest services.

Guest Room Today & Tomorrow:

The King Edward Hotel is once again undergoing exciting and extensive renovations – including the conversion of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors into private residences.

condo entrance

condo 1

condo bathroom

condo living room

(Artist designs of new King Edward Hotel private residences)

Along with this highly-anticipated development, guest rooms at The King Edward Hotel are now beginning to model these renovations with eloquent and tasteful styles that reflect the dawn of a new and modern type of luxury fit for all modern guests with richness of colors, space and decorative touches – just as the hotel did when it first opened in 1903.  

future room 1

(Newly renovated guest room at The King Edward Hotel)

future bathroom

(Newly renovated guest bathroom at The King Edward Hotel)

Once all guest rooms are completely renovated at The King Edward Hotel, guests will continue to pamper themselves in royal luxury – that includes all of the latest amenities and comforts of quality & service.  

Hotel guest rooms may have changed over the years – even at The King Edward Hotel – but all the modern conveniences of light, space, decor and design, along with up-to-date technology continue to make The King Edward Hotel a place of eloquence, comfort and exceptional service fit for a king, queen or those who just want to feel like a king or queen.  Even the opulent King Eddy himself would approve! 

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